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Client Name : Dada Analtix Product 2020 – on going

Touch-Based Home Automation System

Description of the Project

Internet of things concept works with almost every machine. But when this is all about our home appliances, IoT proposes a smart, automated system. Using IoT based automation system users can control home stuff anywhere from the world. In this article, we are talking about a touch-based home automation system based on microcontroller. It contains WIFI, inbuilt touch sensing input pins, which makes it helpful to make IoT based projects like this.

Solution :
Important Features
  • Adruino and ESP-32 microcontroller used in this project
  • User needs a smartphone or touchpad to control home kinds of stuff
  • Setup of ESP-32 in Adruino IDE.
  • Minimum programming knowledge is needed.
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Dada Analtix Product 2020 - on going

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