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Client Name : Itive August 02, 2019

AI Programmed Answer Checker

Description of the Project

A programmed answer checker application that checks and stamps composed answers like a person. This product application is worked to check abstract answers in an online assessment and dispense imprints to the client in the wake of confirming the appropriate response. The framework expects you to store the first response for the framework. This office is given to the administrator. The administrator may embed questions and separate abstract answers in the framework. These answers are put away as notebook documents. At the point when a client steps through the exam he is furnished with questions and region to type his answers. When the client enters his/her answers the framework at that point looks at this response to a unique answer written in an information base and assigns checks appropriately.

The Strategy
  • Automating the checking process accurately.
  • The system calculates the score and provides results instantly.
  • It removes human errors that commonly occur during manual checking.
  • The system provides an unbiased result.
  • Thus the system excludes human efforts and saves time and resources.
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