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Client Name : Dada Analtix Product 2020

Self-Balancing Robot

Description of the Project

Robotics is getting further developed because of the advancement of frameworks bearing an ever-increasing number of convoluted plans. The self-adjusting robot has adjusting abilities similarly as people additionally have. This self-adjusting robot has numerous preferences due to its consistent adjusting and directional capacities. By taking an interest in Robotics, understudies will figure out how to fabricate a battery worked self-adjusting robot, they will likewise get pragmatic experience on the accelerometer, gyro sensors, Atmega328 microcontroller, engines, attachments, and a lot more parts.

Voice Controlled Robot

Voice Recognition or discourse acknowledgment is the PC examination of the human voice, which is utilized for the motivation behind deciphering words and expressions for recognizing an individual voice. Applications that uses voice acknowledgment like Amazon Echo and such applications are turning into an aspect of our everyday lives. Discourse acknowledgment innovation is broadly utilized in various fields like Aerospace, Home mechanization, Language interpretation, and handicapped individuals framework.


In this voice-controlled robot venture based workshop, you will figure out how to construct a robot that can be controlled through voice orders. You will likewise be figuring out how to fabricate an android application which will comprehend your voice orders and control the robot to play out some particular errands through Bluetooth.

By partaking in these working models, you will find out about voice acknowledgment, nuts and bolts of android application advancement, Bluetooth correspondence, 8051 microcontrollers, engine driver IC, transmitter, and a lot more segments.

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